About Us


We started out on eBay in 2010 and currently have over 50800 positive feedback under username - footballcardworld (no "s" on the end of card !!).
We also sell on Amazon this time with the Footballcardsworld name in full.

We started our first website in 2010 and ran it until 2018 when we sold up and left the selling to others to concentrate on collecting but the bug came back to start selling again in August 2019 and so here we are. Due to it taking off better than hoped we decided it was time for a new website so May 2020 we launched 

What set us apart from others was that whilst at the time all websites were concentrating on Match Attax we added Adrenalyn XL to ours and were also the first in the UK to offer cards from outside the UK, mainly Spain, France, Italy and Germany plus a few others.

We do tend to focus on the lower end of the collecting spectrum and leave the high end products to others but from time to time do pick up certain things which appear on the website or on eBay.

We have regained many of our old customers as well adding may new customers for which we are grateful to all. As collectors (West Brom and Granada) we know what customers want and never fail to satisfy so keep checking back as we have 1000's of items to get uploaded and thanks for joining us.